Frankie & Fanucci's

Dozens of Craft Beer & Wines On Tap.
Pour What You Want.
Pay By The Ounce For What You Pour.

'Pour Your Own' Taproom

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 Our high-tech, 'pour your own' taproom allows you to explore and taste your way through dozens of constantly rotating craft beers and wines on tap. 

Why order one when you can try a huge variety? Pour only what you want. Pay by the ounce for whatever you poured. You're in control. Get adventurous. Have fun.

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How It Works.

We give you a Taproom Card that lets you unlock any tap. Just touch the card against the tablet to select the beer or wine you choose. Grab a glass and pour what you want. Fill it up or pour just a few ounces. Want more? Want to try something else? Do it again. Taste and explore you way through a huge variety. 





When you're done, just give us your card and we'll tab you out. You just pay for the exact amount of ounces you poured for each beer or wine. The tablet shows you the price for each beer or wine by the ounce and how many ounces you poured each time. 

The pricing is the same as if you bought a glass of that beer or wine anywhere else. We simply take the typical cost of a glass of that beer or wine and divide it by the number of ounces in a glass. You only pay for the number of ounces you pour. Simple and pretty cool.



As always, you must be 21+ years old to enjoy any alcoholic beverages. A taproom card is only given to individuals who provide proper ID. Each card is only authorized to pour an initial 32 ounces of beer. After the card has reached that limit, the guest may check in with a staff member to request additional ounces be added to their card. We take drinking responsibly seriously and our system is designed to keep everyone safe.

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