Breaking News: We're Working On Something Exciting.

Our Hartsdale location of Frankie & Fanucci's has CLOSED. You may be sad but...

1. Mamaroneck F&F is staying the same and will remain open for you.
2. We're bringing you a new and exciting restaurant to Hartsdale.

  F&F has been in Hartsdale for 10+ years! We're thankful for your support.

Our Mamaroneck location will offer delivery service to most of our Scarsdale customers.

Our Mamaroneck location is just 15 mins away! We hope you will join us there. We look forward to serving you and even have some great new menu items there awaiting you, with more to come.

Our restaurant group owns several restaurants in Westchester, NYC and Brooklyn. We’re excited to bring you a new restaurant - GRANITA.  We hope you try and enjoy Granita and give us your support. We expect Granita to be open very quickly after closing F&F for a renovation.

Granita is a contemporary Italian restaurant and bar. Our chef-driven kitchen serves up a fresh, seasonal take on Italian cuisine in a sophisticated-casual atmosphere. Granita’s bar is an ideal spot and vibe to partake in a refreshing negroni, some bar snacks and amiable chatting among friends.

Granita’s roots are from its sister restaurant, Sotto 13, in the vibrant West Village of New York City. Sotto 13 has become a popular hot spot and well-regarded dining destination in the city. Granita brings a touch of our city energy to Westchester. We hope you enjoy.

Brad Nagy